A new chapter as I go back to work

Mum goes back to full-time work IN March I posted about taking my blog in a new direction, focusing on learning skills that would help build a resilient family. I was looking forward to a time when my teenage children would be testing themselves against peer pressure and I wanted them to be able to chart their own course confidently, without following the crowd or caving to the demands of their peers.  Then in April … Continue reading

Retirement and superannuation – boring but important

Rise of the Grudge Workforce SPONSORED POST*: As many know, I used to work for News Corp Australia (formerly News Limited), a great job (mostly) that came with solid superannuation payments. But then I took a redundancy package and left the security of salaried employment to hang out my own shingle and work for myself. Ever since leaving News, sorting out my super has been on my ‘to do’ list, but something I haven’t got around to doing. And then Suncorp got in touch with me and explained why it’s important I stop putting that stuff off a second longer.

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Tracing my family tree and filling in the blanks

George Starling I HAVE long been interested in my family tree but haven’t really done much to trace my ancestors. However, as mentioned previously, time is pressing and what was previously an idle wish to “one day” explore my tree, has now become a more urgent matter. We live in such a new country that you only have to go back a few generations to find out how your family arrived here and for me, it’s exciting to begin building that picture…

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When our children don’t live up to our expectations

IT is challenging for parents when our children don’t live up to our expectations and it’s an issue we can face at any stage of our parenthood journey. When our kids don’t walk by 12 months, or talk by 18 months, or toilet train by two years, or achieve academically at school the way we thought they would, or hoped they would. All of these milestones can be stressful for parents who see their kids’ achievements as a reflection of their validity as a parent. I confess, I’m one of those. That is one of the reasons it was so hard to let my children give up piano lessons. But when our kids don’t perform as we expect, what can and what should we do?

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Why I let my children quit piano lessons

Finley Moore a beautiful piano playerIT broke my heart but this is why I let my children stop piano lessons. Making decisions for our children is 90% of this parenting gig. Making decisions to have them immunised (always yes), which kindy to send them to, which school, what foods to feed them, and so on. We make myriad decisions every day on behalf of our kids. Today I made the decision to allow my children to stop piano lessons after two years of dedicated study. I’ve shed some tears over this decision because I’m so very sad about it and a part of me thinks it’s the wrong call, but here’s why I did it.

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My life as a Pyjama Angel

I met Julie at work, when we were sub-editors at  The Courier-Mail. We worked side-by-side for years and I always loved her company. It wasn’t until right towards the end of our respective stints in the salt mines that I learned she was a Pyjama Angel. That’s typical of Jules. She doesn’t shout about those things, but I was blown away by her selfless commitment to others.  She’s an inspiration and she’s been kind enough to put together some words on her experience as a Pyjama Angel. It made me a bit teary, so perhaps grab a tissue and read on… Continue reading

How to host a playdate for your children

Matilda (now 6 years old) on an early playdateTHE real title of this blog post is How to host a playdate for your children that doesn’t rely on television or video games. It’s the school holidays and whether your kids are at school or kindy, chances are good you’re entering prime time for playdates. If you’re new to playdates or an old hand, here are a couple of tips that will help the time move faster and ensure the kids have a great time.

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Christmas present tips (and what NOT to buy this Christmas)

AT Christmas we’re buying gifts for lots of people and I thought I might put together a quick guide that explained what Christmas presents NOT to buy this Christmas, as well as some suggestions for what would be a good Christmas gift for kids you haven’t seen for a while.  I thought of this post when I was asked for help buying presents for my own kids from a relative and the first thing that popped into my head were the things I *did NOT* want coming into my family home.

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