Egg donors – more than a simple request

The distant relative of a friend of mine is asking all women of childbearing age in her extended family to consider becoming an egg donor for her, to enable her to have children. My friend, the mother of four healthy boys, doesn’t know how to tell her cousin thrice removed that she doesn’t want to be an egg donor. She knows the heartache her relative is enduring and also knows it’s within her power to help, but is choosing not to. Continue reading

Nutritious kids’ snacks

One of my pet projects is finding convenient snack foods for my kids that I can stuff in the nappy bag and have ready in case of a hunger emergency. My kids eat plenty of fruit but I like to have something in the style of a muesli bar that is handy for when we’re either in the car stuck in traffic and the kids are getting impatient, or if we’re out somewhere and they’re in danger of missing a meal or a snack, I can pull out these snacks and keep them happy for a bit longer. Continue reading

Play School concerts ROCK!

I AM not going to get myself into the position of endorsing commercial enterprises, HOWEVER, I think the exception should always be anything Play School related. It’s not really for profit – how can it be? It’s dear old Aunty. The way the successive governments keep slashing her budget she’s virtually out turning tricks to keep the lights on. But I digress… Continue reading