One School progress

Chalk one up for people power…

Yarn in today’s paper that Eatons Hill school will not be posting student photos on their profile in the OneSchool system. However, it insists that OneSchool is a key plank in Education Queensland’s “Smart Classrooms” strategy.

I can certainly understand the need to put student details online and make no mistake, I’m not against that per se, I’m against the government threatening to withhold education if the minimum required details aren’t offered. As at today’s date (23/06/08) the government is being very cagey about what those minumum requirements are. Once it reveals more we’ll be in a better position to judge. I would argue that there is little need for more than home address, phone number, parents’ mobile numbers (in case of emergency) and perhaps academic results.

Anything else is superfluous to the point of education.

One School one outrageous step

Today’s (Monday 16/06/08) front-page yarn in The Courier-Mail reveals details of the Queensland Education Department’s latest crackpot scheme of information collation – monikered OneSchool. This database will feature photos of every state school student in Queensland, all 480,000 of them. It will also feature information such as career aspirations, off-campus activities, behaviour and student performance records (grades and the like). Continue reading