Ladybugs and vomiting bugs

This is the cake we¬†should have been eating yesterday at Matilda’s fourth birthday party. This is the cake that I slaved over, icing at 10pm on Saturday night instead of drooling over Rob Lowe in re-runs of The West Wing. This is the cake that was going to provide the wow factor to my little one’s dress-up fairy party, causing mums to ooh and aaah with my cleverness. Instead… Continue reading

High five for the Big 4 North Star

We have returned! We returned triumphant and very, very tired. Yes, we have survived – and dare I say it – thrived, on our first family camping trip. Did the Big 4 North Star live up to my high expectations? Could anything have lived up to that? Or did it fall as flat as the tent without its support poles. Did it rain? Did we stay dry? Well, quite simply this trip was… Continue reading

Book Club performance anxiety and top tips

I’ve joined a book club. It’s been one of my new long-held dreams. Before I joined I imagined I’d be involved with animated conversations about character motivation, plot holes and defending disappointing endings. And while we’ve only had one gathering so far (to discuss The Book Thief) the reality is very close to my idealised imaginary book club. But soon it will be my turn to pick a book and I’m a wee tad nervous. Continue reading