Battle of the sexes hits the remote

Smash - an absolutely fantastic show and you must see itHubby’s been on a week’s leave and we’ve been living like a ‘normal’ family – a husband home in the evenings to help with the dinner-bath-bed routine before settling down for an evening in front of the box. Except that the mindless box watching bit hasn’t been smooth sailing. Why?

To put it simply, he has no appetite for my ‘trashy’ TV. Hubby dines on a TV diet of ABC, SBS and News24 (ABC). Me, not so much. My favourite shows are Smash, Parenthood, The Good Wife and Revenge.

So at night we sit down and watch… what? On Sunday night we couldn’t agree on anything (and I’ve seen all the excellent Homeland episodes of Season 1) so we played Scrabble. On Monday I reluctantly agreed to watch True Grit, the Cohen brothers version. I confess it was sensational. On Tuesday night he watched a movie that he’s been wanting to watch for a long time, There Will Be Blood. I got 15 minutes into that, and when still no dialogue appeared to be forthcoming from any of the characters I retreated to the bedroom to read. On Wednesday night the cricket was on, so he watched while I blogged at the kitchen table and kept half an eye on Australia’s progress. On Thursday night nothing interesting was on.┬áIn the end he settled Pawn Stars on Gem, I think. Until I convinced him to watch Good Wife and Smash with me. He made it most of the way through before admitting defeat and going to bed.

Barrie Cassidy hosts ABC's InsidersOur respite comes on Sunday mornings. We both love Barrie Cassidy and religiously watch Insiders and Offsiders. But two shows in a whole week is a bit poor. Are hubby and I doomed to divorce because we have nothing in common, as evidenced by a complete inability to find anything to watch together?

How do other couples do it? Having a husband home in the evening is more common than having him at work. Are there shows that can appeal to both sexes? Is the remote divided up on days of the week – Mon – Wed is his night, Thurs – Sat is her night and Sundays it’s up for grabs? Or does everyone have two TVs?

I’m baffled!

But tomorrow is his last day of leave, so the problem will disappear very quickly and I can return to having the remote all to myself from Sunday night. Ahhhh…. bliss!

2 thoughts on “Battle of the sexes hits the remote”

  1. Same at our house Felicity, only in our case I enjoy a mix of a bit of ‘girly’ trash mixed up with ABC/SBS news and current affairs and hubby just enjoys ‘man’ trash. I have tried and tried but I cannot find Swamp People or Ice Road Truckers appealing and hubby equally cannot stand Jo Frost’s parenting show or the documentary about Lily Allen’s fashion business. Occasionally we meet common ground – at the moment we are both addicted to Revenge which baffles me because it is not the kind of TV my hubby goes for normally. I think it has something to do the with scantily clad beauties that hit the screen every now and then.

    Generally we do not watch TV together and sometimes in seperate rooms (!!!). You are definately not alone.

    And don’t even get me started on trying to organise to see a movie together…impossible.

  2. Most of the TV we watch is with the kids. We like Deadly 60, Wipeout, J5 and myself are fond of Grand Designs, L7 and I like Excess Baggage (usually I would consider this sort of stuff junk). But after the kids are in bed SMD (Soccer Mad Dad) is likely to watch current affairs (which I also get hooked on), Australian Story, or sport (this is when I retreat to the bedroom to read or, now that I have a lovely Mac Pro, surf & blog.
    If SMD goes to bed early I occasionally indulge in CSI & Midsommer Murders.
    I just wish I could completely avoid the ads.
    Our TV watching is actually reducing.
    If I could have the time every night I would watch all the episodes of Dr Who – and so would he. I think I should put the collection of all the new ones on my birthday wish list, but I’m no good at catching up on taped stuff.
    We really only argue about the sport – but more so when he wants it on the radio in the car – when the rest of us are trapped!

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