Postscript on Belvita Breakfast biscuits

BelVita Breakfast biscuitsLast week I wrote about Belvita Breakfast biscuits being sent to me to trial and arriving crushed to smithereens. It was a post designed to be funny. In a classy move, the publicist responsible had three new boxes hand delivered – with a box of Roses chocolates! I think it was a nice gesture not to write off the review of one little blogger that, in the scheme of things, wouldn’t amount to a hill o’ beans. So thank-you lovely publicist (you know who you are), and here’s my review on Belvita Breakfast biscuits:

BelVita Breakfast biscuitsThree varieties were sent today – Crunchy Oats, Fruit & Fibre, and Milk & Cereals.

My first thoughts are that the concept of breakfast in a biscuit appears to solve the new age-old problem of time-poor people getting breakfast on the run.

In our family, the children still sit down to a square meal before school, but I don’t. Mornings are a fast-paced routine of making lunches, checking bags are packed with hats, water bottles, library books, swimming bags, and whatever other requirements will get my kids through the day. As a result, I rarely, if ever, sit down to eat breakfast. Often, I’ll pick at whatever I’m serving the children for lunch.

So the BelVita Breakfast biscuits will probably come in handy for me! I always have time for coffee, and a couple of these bikkies will go with the coffee nicely.

So, how do they taste?

First thoughts – they’re a bit on the dry side. I actually crushed one up and stirred it into a bowl of yoghurt. Oh the irony! It was absolutely delicious.

The Fruit & Fibre variety are sweeter than the other two, but not very sweet at all. They have chewy pieces of dried fruit in them, fig, if the picture on the box and the list of ingredients are to be believed.

The Crunchy Oats variety are crunchier, (well, d’uh!) and have an appealingly salty flavour, when compared with the sweeter fruit variety.

Milk & Cereals are a milder flavour, not tangy or sweet or salty, and overall very pleasant to taste.

There is a strong McVities Digestive vibe going on with these biscuits. They have a wheat-y, wholesome taste with a fair bit of chewy flavour.

Nutrition value

From a nutrition standpoint, using the Choice Food For Kids guidelines:

The Crunchy Oats:

  • Sodium: 553mg/100g
  • Sugar: 22g/100g
  • Saturated fat: 4.2g/100g
  • Fibre: 4.9g/100g = 2 out of a possible 3 wheat sheafs. It’s a ‘good’ source of fibre.

Milk & Cereals:

  • Sodium: 428mg
  • Sugar: 19.7g
  • Saturated fat: 4.1
  • Fibre: 3.4g = 2 out of 3 wehat sheafs. A ‘good’ source of fibre.

Fruit & Fibre:

  • Sodium: 152mg (almost in the green, which cuts off at 120mg/100g)
  • Sugar: 23.1g
  • Saturated fat: 4.2g
  • Fibre:  3.4g = 2 out of 3 wheat sheafs. A ‘good’ source of fibre.

The kids love them. They’re very filling too. I will slip these into their school lunchboxes from time to time. I think they’re pretty good and would recommend giving them a go.

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