Move to whole foods in lunch box

Dinsoaur muffinsLast week I watched Foreign Correspondent’s Globesity documentary and it scared the sh*t out of me for children in poorer countries, such as Mexico, Latin America and India. And, as often happens, it renewed my determination to feed my kids the healthiest diet I can possibly muster. So starting this week I’m overhauling my lunchbox menu and re-focusing my energy. Here’s what I’m starting with.

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Denver cinema Batman shooting illustrates newspapers’ problem

Denver Batman shooting illustrates newspapers' problemThe Denver, Colorado Batman shooting last night not only shocked and revolted the world as yet another horrific spree killing unfolded, but – as a side issue – perfectly illustrated the problem faced by newspapers in a digital world. How does old technology compete with the new?

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Freebie Friday – Shop 4 Mum and Bub gorgeous little sister is pregnant and I have been hunting high and low for the perfect maternity gift for her. She’s working on bringing her second baby into the world and is stubbornly refusing to reveal the gender. Again. So it makes buying for her and bub that much harder! Then magic fairies brought to my attention!

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A West Wing moment, just because I can…

The West WingThis piece from The West Wing speaks to me on several levels. I find those who slavishly follow the bible, as though its every word is truth, bothersome. Lots of people do, I think. Like lots of others, I find those who cunningly misrepresent themselves also bothersome. That’s why this segment resonates with so many.  Continue reading