Review: Pacific West frozen fish products

Pacific West lemon pepper squid - I did not serve this at my house. I could never make anything look this good. There are two nights during the week when, due to extra-curricular activities, we get home late. Thursdays is one of those nights, when piano lessons keep us out of the house until about 6pm. And it may shock you to learn that I am not the most organised person getting around. Hey, no, stop, I hear you say.

Helloooo sanity saving Pacific West beer battered fish filletsSo, instead of doing what I *always* plan to do on Thursday morning, which is have dinner organised, defrosted/cooked and ready to re-heat when we get home, I’m starting from scratch at 6pm. Yeah, you can just picture the chaos now, can’t you. Me in the kitchen yelling at the kids to get through the shower while I’m madly scratching around looking for something that I can dish up inside 20 minutes.

Me: “Get in the shower!” Cupboards slam, fridge opens and I direct blank stares at contents of fridge which usually includes two-week old coleslaw, a two-month-old pork chop and the biggest range of condiments in the whole wide world. If only I could serve my kids a bowl of tomato sauce, decorated with American mustard.

Kids: Mucking around, snapping towels at each other, throwing their bedtime toys into each others’ bedrooms, slamming bedroom doors and doing anything that *doesn’t* mean getting in the shower or helping me save my sanity at all. Bastards.

Me: Reaches for a beer. Sits down to think about it for a minute.

Except last week, when I opened the freezer door, instead of staring at some lonely manky broccoli florets fighting off freezer burn on the bottom of my freezer, I had three boxes of Pacific West fish products! AND I also had a packet of frozen chips – SCORE!

Hello sanity, thy name is Pacifc West beer battered fish filletsQuick as a flash, I whipped four beer battered fish fillets and a handful of frozen chips into our most awesome Philips AirFryer (talk about the best blog freebie I have EVER been given) and 20 minutes later my family was showered and sitting down to a tasty meal of fish and chips! It was quite the sanity saver, I can tell you!

As far as frozen fish products go, these are pretty good. As is the way with most frozen fish products, the fish content is about 55% and on the face of it, that’s not ideal. When you buy frozen fish products, you want the fish to make up at least 90% of the product. But I bought some fish fingers awhile ago (which we no longer stock in our house because I think they’re complete rubbish) and they were 30% fish – yes, 30%!

Yum-oh! Pacific West beer batter fish filletsThe batter on these crisped up beautifully and the fish inside stays moist – partly a product of the awesome AirFryer, I think. The fish flavour is mild, not too ‘fishy’ and a sweet fish taste. I loved them, and the kids demolished them. It’s two thumbs up from the Moores!

Let’s face it, frozen fish and chips are never going to win any prizes for being the healthiest meal going around, but in my book they beat McDonald’s hands down. And these are so quick and easy to prepare that you can’t really go wrong. If you’re going to stock a few in the freezer for emergencies, this brand is a pretty good product.

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