Review: Easy snack Nachos to Go delivers on taste and convenience

Nachos to Go packaging in mild and hot varietiesSPONSORED POST*: Readers who also visit my Facebook page will know that we, here at Chez Moore, are on a bit of a food safari at the moment. So far, I’ve made vegetable frittata, Thai chicken meatloaf, American maple pecan porridge, and today, it’s delicious Mexican Nachos to Go.

One of the challenges in our house is coming up with good afternoon tea foods for the kids. When they get home from school they want something delicious and they want it yesterday. So, when a crate of Nachos to Go, in two varieties – mild and hot – arrived on my doorstep, there was a little dance of joy.

Nachos to Go is so easy – the box it comes in is also the serving dish, which means no messy washing up afterwards. Yay! It comes in a convenient size so it’s easy to store in the pantry and have on hand for snack emergencies (late night TV, perhaps?).


Ingredient sachets inside the Nachos to Go boxYou open the box along the perforations (in a whole crate, I never had one mis-fire with the opening of the box, unlike my laundry detergent which claims to have easy perforation marks for pouring powder into the machine, but it always ends up a messy tearing job that ends up with powder all over the laundry floor!) check the three bags inside to make sure everything looks good. Then, WITHOUT OPENING THE BAGS, (yes, I know that sounds weird because you think they’re going to explode, right? Nope, trust me) pop them back into the Nachos to Go cardboard box and pop the whole lot into your microwave for 30 seconds.

Nachos to Go in the microwaveDepending on the power of your microwave, 30 seconds should be exactly right. Possibly go for another 10 seconds if you pull it out and find the sauce sachet is not hot enough.

Pull out the box, open the corn chips first and tip them into the box. Then manipulate the sauce bags a bit to make sure the heat is evenly distributed. Tear open the salsa sauce and pour it over the corn chips. Then open the cheese sauce and pour it on top.

Voila! Tasty snack that the kids love!


Nachos to Go fresh from the microwaveThe corn chips are crisp and I think I was expecting them to be slightly softened in the microwave. Not sure why I thought that, but I’m happy to report Nachos to Go corn chips are delightfully crunchy. My favourite was the Nachos to Go Hot variety, but that’s no surprise since I love spicy foods. How hot? Well, it’s not *really* spicy, but it is *really* tasty. The kids loved both varieties in equal measure and are clamouring for more. On the Scoville Scale (the standard for measuring the heat of chillies) I’d rate it below Tabasco but above Pimento. It’s got a pleasant bite. The Mild Nachos to Go has a tasty spiced salsa sauce without the heat. Delicious.

Pouring the cheese on Nachos to GoThe cheese sauce is one of those things where you go, OK, cheese doesn’t come in a pouring variety without some heavy duty processing involved. And as a rule, I’m not into highly processed foods. However, I’m also a person who believes in living in moderation and while I accept that TV and computer games are bad for my kids, I’ll let them indulge in small doses. The same principle applies to my view of processed foods. We don’t eat McDonald’s very often, maybe once a month, if that. Everything else they eat is whole foods, or made at home from whole-food ingredients. So this is OK every now and then.

Nachos to GoI understand Nachos to Go retail for about $5 a box (or $4 on special) and are available at Coles, nationwide. If you see them, and you like to have a tasty snack on hand for those days when you’ve run out of homemade banana muffins, then this is worth considering. I really, hand on my heart, love them.

*FULL DISCLOSURE: I don’t receive payment for any of my product reviews, and neither did I for this. I receive the goods for free and then I review them, giving an honest opinion about pros and cons of the product. If I really hate a product, I won’t review it. This product is made by a company called Mexican Express. My cousin is involved with Mexican Express in some way (not really sure, other than he works there). He asked me to review the product on my blog and I was thrilled to oblige. Now if all my readers rush out and buy a box or two of this delicious and tasty Nachos to Go, I might be able to point to the spike in sales and get him to send me a second carton of Nachos to Go, as the kids and I really did love them. 🙂

2 comments for “Review: Easy snack Nachos to Go delivers on taste and convenience

  1. February 9, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    Don’t suppose you’d be willing to type in the ingredients list – mainly for the cheese – would you? 🙂

  2. Davo
    February 11, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    Couldn’t one just microwave one’s own corn chips, salsa and cheese?

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