Tales from the fringe – my hair disaster

Felicity Moore and Tracey EganTHIS is a blog post about a hair disaster. My hair disaster. It is also a post about a temporary loss of sanity, a beer and some wayward thinking while holding scissors. It all started when I saw this photo (left) posted on the 612 Brisbane ABC website, following one of my regular fortnightly parenting panels. The lovely lass on the left is Tracey Egan, mum to twins and another little boy, and blogger at Passing Phase. That vast expanse of forehead shining out at you with its blinding light on the right, that’s me.

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Yellow Pages Capture the Cover competition photo tips and photo apps

SPONSORED POST: My simple guide on how to Enter win the awesome Yellow Pages Capture the Cover competition.  I love taking photos with my iPhone. It’s easy, it’s fun and you get some awesome results. Now, with the second annual Capture the Cover competition you can turn your mad snapping skills into some cool cashola or prizes. Here’s how it’s done. Continue reading

What’s my signature dish?

I'm searching for my signature dishAS hubby was helping himself to seconds of lasagne last night he remarked, “Would you say lasagne was your signature dish?”. He asked because I make lasagne once a week, it’s simple and ever since I conquered the white sauce, it’s easy to put together. (And truth be told, it makes me feel like a good wife and mother). But I don’t want to be known for my lasagne.

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My mountain of shame over a dirty little (clean laundry) secret

The post I hestitated to publishTHIS is one of those posts that I was nervous about publishing because, well, it reveals something about me that you may not like. So why publish it? Well, for a few reasons. Firstly, I’ve been happily blogging my family’s privacy away for years. It’s not fair, unless I turn that spotlight on myself a bit more regularly. Secondly, blogging is about honestly communicating; honestly sharing experiences that resonate with others. If I only share things that people will like, it’s not all that honest, and it’s not all that interesting. Like me, don’t like me, that’s up to you, but at least you’ll be making an informed decision on exactly who I am. Not who I pretend to be.

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Recipe: Healthy sausage rolls

Delicious healthy sausage rollsTHIS recipe for healthy sausage rolls is the easiest thing under the sun and it’s a great way to get any amount of vegetables you can think of into your kids. It’s based on the premise that kids will eat anything if it’s wrapped in pastry. Well, mine will. I made these sausage rolls for our sleepover recently and it was a huge hit. Give them a go and you’ll be amazed at how great they are and at how much the kids love them. And at how easy they are to make.

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Review: Smart Trike 4-in-1 Dream

Smart-Trike reviewSPONSORED POST: The Smart-Trike 4-in-1 Dream tricycle offers something that most bikes and trikes don’t – the ability to adapt to your growing toddler. This means, in the value for money stakes, it blows the competition out of the water. But what else does it have going for it? We road-tested it with a very busy toddler to see if it holds up to rigorous testing. Read our Smart-Trike review!

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