Review: Smart Trike 4-in-1 Dream

Smart-Trike reviewSPONSORED POST: The Smart-Trike 4-in-1 Dream tricycle offers something that most bikes and trikes don’t – the ability to adapt to your growing toddler. This means, in the value for money stakes, it blows the competition out of the water. But what else does it have going for it? We road-tested it with a very busy toddler to see if it holds up to rigorous testing. Read our Smart-Trike review!

Smart Trike review by guest blogger and mum of two

Meredith Blanck.


Review of Smart-TrikeIt’s fair to say that our 2½-year-old daughter, Maisie, was enthralled with the Smart-Trike right from when she saw her dad putting it together.  “Maisie’s bike” was repeated more times than we can count!

As soon as it was assembled she climbed up onto the seat and demanded to be pushed around our tiny house.

The seat height is good – it only took a handful of attempts before she mastered being able to climb on and off easily.

The adjustable handle makes the trike very easy for Maisie to also be able to push the Smart-Trike around, as she likes to do from time to time.  It quickly and easily extends back to adult height to switch to pushing Maisie around.  The steering feels like a smooth, easily manoeuvrable pram, giving the adult or the child good control over the direction of the Smart-Trike.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our outings with the Smart-Trike and look forward to many years of triking ahead of us

Smart-Trike assembly

Maisie and Dad off for a Smart-Trike ride!One of the first things we noticed about the Smart-Trike was the packaging.  It wasn’t over-packaged and tied with endless amount of twist-ties that take an age to undo. It was simple and easily accessible.

The Smart-Trike came with minimal, yet mostly appropriate, instructions to put it together.  For the most part no tools or nuts and bolts were needed, just one little part which needs an allan key.  Everything that was needed to assemble the Smart-Trike came in the box.  It all just clicked together – and it was just a matter of following the pictures in the instructions.

We encountered two trouble spots – getting the footpegs out and getting the handle bars to  engage for actual steering.

Overall, it feels well made and sturdy.  It doesn’t feel like it would break easily – it’s ready for the rough and tumble of being a kids’ toy.

Smart-Trike features

Maisie tests the Smart-Trike for herself!It has an OK sized tray at the back, which is handy for taking bits and pieces to the park with us – the footy, a small back pack or a couple of sandwiches and some drinks.
It also has a zip pocket on the handle for storing other items – I use it for purse, keys and phone.

At the front there is a kids’ mobile phone, which lights up and makes noises, pleasing our daughter no end.  The cord keeping the phone attached could be longer, just to make it a bit easier to use.  There is also a drink holder, which holds our daughter’s drink bottle really well.  It perhaps would have been nice to have a matching drink bottle come with the Smart-Trike.

There is a safety belt which goes around the waist and between the legs, however I’m not really sure if this would help or hinder the child if they were to fall off the bike.

I like that there is also a foot brake – like a pram.

The Smart-Trike is built to grow with your child, from 10 months to 3 years, and I’m looking forward to changing the configuration of the Smart-Trike to suit Maisie’s little sister when she is old enough to start using it too.

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  1. July 2, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    I would probably go for the Hase Trets trike/trailer (convertible) if I had seen it at the time (we have a Hase Pino tandem, which is why I am aware of them). – a little more costly (that’s probably an understatement and a half) but it can be specified to suit kids with disabilities too. Just another option.

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