Yellow Pages Capture the Cover competition photo tips and photo apps

SPONSORED POST: My simple guide on how to Enter win the awesome Yellow Pages Capture the Cover competition.  I love taking photos with my iPhone. It’s easy, it’s fun and you get some awesome results. Now, with the second annual Capture the Cover competition you can turn your mad snapping skills into some cool cashola or prizes. Here’s how it’s done.

Photography Apps that I love:

Yes, Instagram is cool. We all love it. But there are tons more out there that you can use before you reach for Instagram. And the best bit is that you can use Instagram to share your images after you have finished with them in other apps. Very high on the awesome factor. Just remember, if you’re entering the Yellow Pages Capture the Cover competition, you need to submit square photos. No long horizontal or vertical shots. Square shots only. And no faces. This is particularly tragic for people like me who think the best thing about their photos is getting their preternaturally good looking children in the shot. 😉 Nevertheless, Yellow Pages Capture the Cover competition is only accepting scenic shots – no people and definitely no unbelievably good looking children. This will really test my skills.

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Now, let’s look at some cool photography apps.

Beautiful Mess: This one is really great and fun. I saw this on one of the other mummy bloggers’ sites – I think Organised Housewife – and I love it. You can add text in a choice of fonts, doodles, arrows, frames and filters on your images to add a new dimension. It seems there are now lots and lots of apps that add filters, so I tend to ignore the filters and only use the filters in Instagram. This app has other features that make it great. And when you’re done adding all the bling, you can then open it in Instagram and add a filter, if you like, and then share it with your followers. Awesome, yes? Cost: 99c.

Hipstamatic: I love, love, love this one. I take tons and tons of moody, arty B&W images with this one (such as this selfie, right, taken at the Gabba last weekend while watching the Lions v the Suns), plus really grainy blown-out colour images too. If you like Instagram you’ll love Hipstamatic. The versatility and the endless combinations of lenses, films and flashes mean there’s an almost infinite number of styles you can give to your images. And I find that when you have these filters on your images, you jag a LOT of really great photos! Cost: $1.99.

Frame Magic creates a collage of photos like this oneFrame Magic: I used Frame Magic to create this collage of four photos of my niece at Kalinga Park last year. I took a series of photos and then picked the best four and put them in the frame. Frame Magic allows you to change the size of each frame and the border in between each image – very flexible and easy to manipulate. You can have four different sized images, if you like. I’ve used four squares of the same size, but you can make a jigsaw effect if you like. Your only limit is your imagination! Cost: Free for the lite version, which is what I used.

ColorBlast! is an app that lets you pick out the colour of your B&W photosColorBlast! This is great fun to play around with. I haven’t used this one as much as I thought I would. Have had it for a year or two and I use it every now and then. Let’s face it, too much of this one and it quickly becomes gimmicky. Less is more. I keep waiting for the perfect photo to use this app to its potential. Something like the kids all gathered around something on the ground that they’re looking at, a small animal, or a toy, or a pretty plant, or something like that. But it never seems to materialise! Sometimes photography is all about the waiting, isn’t it? Anyway, this is lots of fun. Cost: Free.

So those are just a few of my favourites. When you start looking you can find heaps of great ones. Perhaps you’ve got some great apps that you love – please share!

The Yellow Pages Capture the Cover competition opens today and they are looking for photos of your area to go on the cover of the Yellow Pages directory. Entering is simple. Take a photo, visit the website, upload the image. Voila!

On the off-chance that I’m not expert enough for you (ha!) then the competition judges, including the truly gifted nature photographer Steve Parish, have put together some tips for you. Read their top photography tips here.

And finally, if you need some inspiration, check out the gallery of winning photos from last year. There are some really beautiful images here and worth taking a look at.

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