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I am sorry for being rude and for hurting your feelings

I've cried a river over rude commentsTHIS week an email I sent made someone feel so badly they wanted to quit their job. The words I typed before I hit ‘send’ made them feel so badly about themselves, about their work that they wanted to stop doing it. When I think about that, even as I write this, the idea of it is so upsetting, so deeply saddening… well, it makes me cry.

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Bystanders should get involved to beat bullying

Courage to Care is a campaign to stop bullyingTHERE have been all kinds of reactions to the photos of Nigella Lawson with her husband allegedly squeezing her throat and choking her in a restaurant in London last week. A Twitter furor erupted that nobody at the restaurant intervened. Would you? Honestly? A campaign is now urging bystanders to get involved when you see a wrong being perpetrated. Continue reading

Radio prank nurse suicide: any lessons to be learned?

Image of a radio microphone illustrating the prank call made by radio jocksThe UK nurse who killed herself following an Australian talkback radio prank has left the chattering classes all atwitter with recriminations about who is to blame for the tragic turn of events. The hospital, the radio jocks, the nurse’s colleagues – all are copping a share. Rebecca Sparrow has highlighted a point not-often spoken of in connection with the adult world, but which has been doing the rounds in parenting and childcare circles for a while – resilience.

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Being blocked by @HelenRazer is a badge of honour – and ironic

Stressed out tweeter!Today I got into the weirdest Twitter conversation. And I mean seriously weird. And it ended up with me being blocked by Helen Razor. Which is ironic because I had stopped following her a couple of months ago because I found her to be … not my cup of tea. I’ve never been blocked before. It was highly amusing. So I thought I’d publish the transcript.

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The X Files – Mulder and Scully together! In real life!

The X Files nerd alert!This tiny little piece tucked away on very bottom of The Courier-Mail website caught my eye: X-Files together? The truth is out there. What could that mean? I’ve got a fairly high level of X-Files obsession in my past, so even if it was linkbait, I was prepared to give away my click for the possibility of new information. After all, imagine if they were filming a new movie?! Woweee!! (Sorry, did I just say that out loud?)

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Denver cinema Batman shooting illustrates newspapers’ problem

Denver Batman shooting illustrates newspapers' problemThe Denver, Colorado Batman shooting last night not only shocked and revolted the world as yet another horrific spree killing unfolded, but – as a side issue – perfectly illustrated the problem faced by newspapers in a digital world. How does old technology compete with the new?

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Sunrise, coffee and more 50 Shades of Grey sex talk

So this morning I – with some girlfriends of mine – appeared on Seven’s Sunrise to discuss some highbrow literature. OK, OK, it wasn’t so much highbrow as brow raising. We were discussing the publishing phenomenon 50 Shades of Grey.  Yes, again.

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Best TV themes of all time

Linda Gray and Larry HagmanRemember when hair was big and shoulderpads even bigger? Remember when the whole country, nay, the whole western world wondered who shot JR? Or if Sam and Diane would patch up their relationship (Cheers)? Or if Hannibal, Murdock, B.A. Baracus and Faceman would ever prove their innocence? As it so happens, today marks 32 years since the world pondered who shot JR. So, in honour of awesome ’80s television here are my top 10 TV themes of all time. Did I get it right? What would you put in the number one spot?

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The Wiggles: Is this the beginning of the end?

Bye Sam Wiggle! Parents everywhere have been digesting the big news this week that Yellow Wiggle Sam Moran is being replaced by original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page. The media frenzy has been, as expected, frenzied. But as the muck gets raked and details sifted, I can’t help but wonder if this whole badly managed PR saga will mark the beginning of the end. Let’s explore…

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