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My life as a Pyjama Angel

I met Julie at work, when we were sub-editors at  The Courier-Mail. We worked side-by-side for years and I always loved her company. It wasn’t until right towards the end of our respective stints in the salt mines that I learned she was a Pyjama Angel. That’s typical of Jules. She doesn’t shout about those things, but I was blown away by her selfless commitment to others.  She’s an inspiration and she’s been kind enough to put together some words on her experience as a Pyjama Angel. It made me a bit teary, so perhaps grab a tissue and read on… Continue reading

Can I help my child make friends?

Can I teach my child how to make friends?FIRST of all, let me be clear – my child is happy, well-adjusted and doing OK. Great report card and this adorable kid comes home from school happy most days. This blog post is about motherhood and the struggle we go through trying to give our kids not just a good childhood, but a freaking awesome one, and the things we do to ourselves in that endeavour. There were two birthday parties this weekend that my child was not invited to. So naturally that started me off on a fretting frenzy. Can I help my child make friends?
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To ban or not to ban toy guns – that is the question!

Should I ban toy guns in my home?FOLLOWING our discussion on ABC radio 612 Brisbane last week, (in case you missed it you can hear the podcast here) I’ve been giving some thought to Naomi from Seven Cherubs‘ position of banning certain things that you don’t want in your home. (She has banned toy guns).
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A tale of two mothers and the first day of school

Yvette and meTHE first day of school is a major milestone in the motherhood journey. Whether it’s your first or your third child off to begin their institutionalised learning, it’s a big step for them and for mum. Some mums cry, sad to see their child leaving babyhood behind, some are happy, thrilled at the next stage for the family. Here’s a first person account from two very different mothers about their child’s first day – one sobbed (Yvette, pictured left) and one  jumped for joy (me, in the glasses). Continue reading

Radio prank nurse suicide: any lessons to be learned?

Image of a radio microphone illustrating the prank call made by radio jocksThe UK nurse who killed herself following an Australian talkback radio prank has left the chattering classes all atwitter with recriminations about who is to blame for the tragic turn of events. The hospital, the radio jocks, the nurse’s colleagues – all are copping a share. Rebecca Sparrow has highlighted a point not-often spoken of in connection with the adult world, but which has been doing the rounds in parenting and childcare circles for a while – resilience.

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Easter reveals its pagan beginnings

Decorated eggs for Easter have pagan rootsEaster is a deeply religious holiday for Christians but when I did some research on this festive time I learned it pre-dates Christianity and has pagan roots. And that many of the symbols we associate with Christianity – eggs and rabbits and hot cross buns – have nothing at all to do with Christ or the cross. A feast of information and discussion at chez Moore of late…

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