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7 top tips to getting the kids outside

This is not my raised garden bed - it's way too pretty!We’re embracing our inner farmers, here at chez Moore and getting a vegie patch up and running, along with our already flourishing herb garden. It’s a great family friendly activity that Mum, Dad and all the kids can get involved with. The recent torrential rains in Brisbane have certainly given the gardens a great soak so it’s great growing time! If you’re thinking about getting the kids out into the garden here are some tips you might find handy…


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Children in the garden: why it’s a great idea

Children in the garden - our rosemary shrub!Kids and gardening are a natural fit, it seems. Since buying our own house a few years ago, hubby and I have been slowly finding our gardening feet. We’re not natural gardeners but we do have an appreciation for being outdoors and cultivating our own patch of dirt. And whenever we’re outside the kids gravitate towards us, drawn like magnets, to our earthy activities. What I didn’t realise until recently, is all the reasons why it’s such a great family activity… Continue reading

10 things I’ll miss when my daughter starts kindy

Matilda and me on Christmas Day 2011The day has finally arrived – almost. On Monday morning my youngest, my four-year-old daughter Matilda, will begin kindergarten. It will mark the commencement of the second stage of parenthood for hubby and me, when we hand our progeny over to The System. We will finally have some regular time separate from our kids. I’m happy. Mostly. The day brings a twinge of sadness for the things that will no longer be part of our lives. Things like…

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A modern girl needs a modern fairytale

A modern girlAt a time when the nation is led by a woman, and the state of Queensland is also led by a woman, it seems patently absurd to me that the fairytales I read my daughter are populated by passive damsels in distress waiting to be rescued by Prince Charming. And I wonder whether the fairytales or the news images hold more sway over her image of women.

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How to cover school books

How to cover school books with brown paper and contact in easy stepsIt’s back to school soon and as mums and dads gird their loins, so to speak, for the onslaught of the school routine I’ve been listening to a couple of friends moan about covering school books. It’s a funny thing because I enjoy covering the school books. I do the brown paper and contact thing and I draw enormous satisfaction from a bunch of cleanly covered books. With that in mind, I thought maybe others might like some tips on covering books. Of course, mine isn’t the only way and perhaps there’s a few better ways to do it. But this is the way I do it. Continue reading