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Taking photos of my children playing soccer is my right and nobody can stop me

Taking photos of my kids playing soccer is my right and you can't stop meIT IS long past time to inject some common sense into the ludicrous fear and loathing around photography at children’s sport. Parents be clear – you can, and should, take photos of your kids playing team sport. Not only is there no law or enforceable club regulation against it but, if child protection is the goal, then a ban is an utter waste of time.

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Being blocked by @HelenRazer is a badge of honour – and ironic

Stressed out tweeter!Today I got into the weirdest Twitter conversation. And I mean seriously weird. And it ended up with me being blocked by Helen Razor. Which is ironic because I had stopped following her a couple of months ago because I found her to be … not my cup of tea. I’ve never been blocked before. It was highly amusing. So I thought I’d publish the transcript.

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