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How to host a playdate for your children

Matilda (now 6 years old) on an early playdateTHE real title of this blog post is How to host a playdate for your children that doesn’t rely on television or video games. It’s the school holidays and whether your kids are at school or kindy, chances are good you’re entering prime time for playdates. If you’re new to playdates or an old hand, here are a couple of tips that will help the time move faster and ensure the kids have a great time.

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Christmas present tips (and what NOT to buy this Christmas)

AT Christmas we’re buying gifts for lots of people and I thought I might put together a quick guide that explained what Christmas presents NOT to buy this Christmas, as well as some suggestions for what would be a good Christmas gift for kids you haven’t seen for a while.  I thought of this post when I was asked for help buying presents for my own kids from a relative and the first thing that popped into my head were the things I *did NOT* want coming into my family home.

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Looking for the top 10 BEST kids’ movies of all time

Buzz and Woody changed kids' movies for goodLET me blow your mind. Ready? We are approaching the 20 year anniversary of Toy Story. Twenty years. Yup. Mind = blown, right?! Kids’ movies have improved vastly in the past 20 years, and there are lots more of them.  So there’s a rich vein to mine when choosing the top 10 best kids’ movies of all time. Be warned, though, I have a few controversial picks on my list. What are your absolute must-have kids’ movies that never fail on a rainy day when you fire up the VCR DVD player? Continue reading

Sydney Swans team spirit bonds my family

I'm a Sydney Swans tragic through and throughI’ve been a Sydney Swans fan for more than a decade and like many sports fans, transitioning from a young single fan free to attend games or watch on TV, to a fan with family responsibilities and trying to juggle those family commitments around my love for the game, has been difficult. But when the sport is as family friendly as the AFL is, and the team is as special as the Sydney Swans are, well the effort is worth it. Continue reading

Torvill and Dean watch out! The Moores are ice skating!

Torvill and Dean!Middle child DJ went ice skating for the first time on Sunday. Ice skating. On really slippery, really hard ice. With blades strapped to his feet. Can you hear my heart palpitations as I type? This post is really about how I underestimate my children. And how I am prone to wrapping them in cotton wool and how bad that is. And why it’s bad. And it’s about ice skating.

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The Wiggles: Is this the beginning of the end?

Bye Sam Wiggle! Parents everywhere have been digesting the big news this week that Yellow Wiggle Sam Moran is being replaced by original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page. The media frenzy has been, as expected, frenzied. But as the muck gets raked and details sifted, I can’t help but wonder if this whole badly managed PR saga will mark the beginning of the end. Let’s explore…

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Christmas Day – Done and dusted

The glorious dollhouseWhew! And with a huge sigh of relief, much discarded wrapping paper, lots of batteries, alan keys and fiddly assembly, Christmas is concluded for another year. How was your big day? Ours was an unqualified success. The work that goes into Christmas day, all the preparation and planning, leaves me exhausted on Boxing Day. The Test cricket is a welcome relief as I lie comatose on the couch, punctuating the hours with random, sporadic bursts of tidying up (or blogging). Continue reading

Reviewed: Alvin & The Chipmunks 3 – Chipwrecked

My three meet the other threeWith three young children (6, 5 and 4 years) I have the dubious honour of being able to call myself something of a Chipmunks expert. Not the original Chipmunks, mind you, who date back to 1959. No, I’m only familiar with the latest incarnation of Alvin, thanks to my children’s borderline obsession with the singing trio. So when I said we were going to see movie #3 in the series, they very nearly passed out from the excitement.  Continue reading

Ladybugs and vomiting bugs

This is the cake we should have been eating yesterday at Matilda’s fourth birthday party. This is the cake that I slaved over, icing at 10pm on Saturday night instead of drooling over Rob Lowe in re-runs of The West Wing. This is the cake that was going to provide the wow factor to my little one’s dress-up fairy party, causing mums to ooh and aaah with my cleverness. Instead… Continue reading