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High five for the Big 4 North Star

We have returned! We returned triumphant and very, very tired. Yes, we have survived – and dare I say it – thrived, on our first family camping trip. Did the Big 4 North Star live up to my high expectations? Could anything have lived up to that? Or did it fall as flat as the tent without its support poles. Did it rain? Did we stay dry? Well, quite simply this trip was… Continue reading

Happy new year!

In this, my first post for 2011 – marking the beginning of my fourth year of blogging – I’m struggling to write a post devoid of new year’s resolutions or pithy phrases about seizing the moment. I’m not desperately trying to introduce new, impossible-to-maintain habits. I’ve done that already. The second half of last year was spent improving my eating and exercise. So, no clichéd resolutions for me. Continue reading

Play School concerts ROCK!

I AM not going to get myself into the position of endorsing commercial enterprises, HOWEVER, I think the exception should always be anything Play School related. It’s not really for profit – how can it be? It’s dear old Aunty. The way the successive governments keep slashing her budget she’s virtually out turning tricks to keep the lights on. But I digress… Continue reading