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How to host a playdate for your children

Matilda (now 6 years old) on an early playdateTHE real title of this blog post is How to host a playdate for your children that doesn’t rely on television or video games. It’s the school holidays and whether your kids are at school or kindy, chances are good you’re entering prime time for playdates. If you’re new to playdates or an old hand, here are a couple of tips that will help the time move faster and ensure the kids have a great time.

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Christmas present tips (and what NOT to buy this Christmas)

AT Christmas we’re buying gifts for lots of people and I thought I might put together a quick guide that explained what Christmas presents NOT to buy this Christmas, as well as some suggestions for what would be a good Christmas gift for kids you haven’t seen for a while.  I thought of this post when I was asked for help buying presents for my own kids from a relative and the first thing that popped into my head were the things I *did NOT* want coming into my family home.

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Tales from the fringe – my hair disaster

Felicity Moore and Tracey EganTHIS is a blog post about a hair disaster. My hair disaster. It is also a post about a temporary loss of sanity, a beer and some wayward thinking while holding scissors. It all started when I saw this photo (left) posted on the 612 Brisbane ABC website, following one of my regular fortnightly parenting panels. The lovely lass on the left is Tracey Egan, mum to twins and another little boy, and blogger at Passing Phase. That vast expanse of forehead shining out at you with its blinding light on the right, that’s me.

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Yellow Pages Capture the Cover competition photo tips and photo apps

SPONSORED POST: My simple guide on how to Enter win the awesome Yellow Pages Capture the Cover competition.  I love taking photos with my iPhone. It’s easy, it’s fun and you get some awesome results. Now, with the second annual Capture the Cover competition you can turn your mad snapping skills into some cool cashola or prizes. Here’s how it’s done. Continue reading

Oh, the fun of the sleepover! What happens on a sleepover?

TWO weekends, two sleepovers – and I have survived! Phew! That’s right, our school holidays have been punctuated by the weekend sleepover, or slumber party. The sleepover is a childhood right of passage and ahead of our hosting duties, I was nervous – would everything go smoothly? Would there be late night, teary phone calls begging to be picked up and taken away from this madhouse that the Moores call a home? Would the siblings fight and make it a miserable event for our guests? Would the guests hate our food, our shower, our toothpaste, our beds? I was a wreck! Were my kids ready? Were the kids who were coming ready? The questions were ceaseless. Continue reading

Parents: How to set your Facebook privacy settings

Facebook privacy settings for parents explainedONE of the biggest challenges facing parents today is how to lock down their Facebook content so that photos of their kids don’t end up all over the internet. It’s difficult because Facebook keeps changing the rules and they don’t make it a simple process in the first place. So here’s a simple guide to help parents lock down their Facebook security settings. Continue reading

Secrets to baking the perfect cake – from an expert (hobby) cake maker!

A perfect pink ruffle cake by Cathy KingstonEarlier I posted about my dreams of making a perfect rainbow layer cake for my daughter’s fifth birthday. In it, I mentioned an old school friend, Cathy, who is mastering the cake-making secrets to a perfect cake. Here are her top tips, and a few examples of her unbelievably intricate work! She kept insisting that she was a ‘hobby’ cake maker but to my untrained eye, she’s pretty expert to me.

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Taming my inner bitch-mum

Buttercup and the pianoI wish I could say I’d come from a long line of fascinating women. I actually do say it, but I wish it were true. Instead, I actually come from a long line of mothers who fight with their daughters. And when I say long line, I actually mean it started with my mother and me and is at risk of continuing to my daughter and me. Yes, you spotted the common factor there, didn’t you? Me. Yeah, I spotted that too.

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Freebie Friday! The Gutsy Challenge with Aussie Farmers Direct

Aussie Farmers DirectThe Gutsy Challenge is a health and education initiative from the GI Cancer Institute designed to get kids eating at least 2 fruit and 4 veg every day for a week, to help reverse rising incidences of gastrointestinal cancer. And you could win an Aussie Farmers Direct box of fruit and veg valued at $26, just by entering a really simple competition! Too easy …

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Dadpreneur creates top selling site for mums he was looking for surfboards on eBay and kept getting random things in his search results, such as security cameras and skateboards, Cameron Dart wished for a site limited to *only* what he was looking for, a specialist site, if you will. Two years later he and a mate created a website that trades only, well, kids’ stuff.

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