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The Lazy Lunchbox – 5 top tips (that are also healthy!)

Healthy tips for the lazy lunchboxSchool’s been back for a few weeks now and mums are settling into the regular routine of lunchboxes. I’ve discovered something that most mums already know – if you make lunches the night before, even if it’s just part of it – your mornings go a LOT smoother. But most nights it’s all I can do to wipe benches down, so …

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How to cover school books

How to cover school books with brown paper and contact in easy stepsIt’s back to school soon and as mums and dads gird their loins, so to speak, for the onslaught of the school routine I’ve been listening to a couple of friends moan about covering school books. It’s a funny thing because I enjoy covering the school books. I do the brown paper and contact thing and I draw enormous satisfaction from a bunch of cleanly covered books. With that in mind, I thought maybe others might like some tips on covering books. Of course, mine isn’t the only way and perhaps there’s a few better ways to do it. But this is the way I do it. Continue reading