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Introducing: Waiting Room News!

Waiting Room News front pageAS most of you know, my husband and I have been working on a new business venture after leaving News Ltd and a career in newspapers working for The Man (in this case, Rupert Murdoch). I’m thrilled to unveil that plan today. It is Waiting Room News – a compact, free weekly news sheet for the waiting room. Any waiting room. The GP, dentist, radiologist, pathologist – we go into all these waiting rooms.

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How to make a rainbow layer cake for a children’s birthday party

Rainbow layer cakeAs regular readers would know, I’ve been planning how to make a rainbow layer cake for my daughter’s birthday party for aaaages! I even wrote I would have a couple of practice runs at it – ha! That didn’t happen. I really couldn’t find a great website that gave me basic instructions on how to make a rainbow layer cake – so, like most things I do, I charged headlong into it and hoped for the best. Here’s how it turned out, and my top tips on how to make a rainbow layer cake.

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I cut my electricity bill from $800 to about $300 a quarter

My really high electricity bill!In August last year my electricity bill came and when I opened it I sat down heavily and almost started crying. $810.99. That’s for one quarter. So, extrapolate that out, and the cost of boiling a cup of coffee and a hot shower for the year was about $3,200. Yup. I tackled the problem with a vengeance and my next bill was about $320.00. Here’s how I did it.

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