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My mountain of shame over a dirty little (clean laundry) secret

The post I hestitated to publishTHIS is one of those posts that I was nervous about publishing because, well, it reveals something about me that you may not like. So why publish it? Well, for a few reasons. Firstly, I’ve been happily blogging my family’s privacy away for years. It’s not fair, unless I turn that spotlight on myself a bit more regularly. Secondly, blogging is about honestly communicating; honestly sharing experiences that resonate with others. If I only share things that people will like, it’s not all that honest, and it’s not all that interesting. Like me, don’t like me, that’s up to you, but at least you’ll be making an informed decision on exactly who I am. Not who I pretend to be.

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PR peeps take note: what NOT to do when sending out BelVita Breakfast biscuits

Free sample FAIL - Nabisco's BelVita Breakfast biscuitsBloggers get sent tons of stuff. Some it’s good, nay, GREAT (such as the Philips AirFyer and Philips electric toothbrushes) and some of it is smaller, but still good stuff. Sometimes, however, you wonder what the PR officer was thinking when they sent it off. Like today’s sample of BelVita Breakfast biscuits…

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Ladybugs and vomiting bugs

This is the cake we should have been eating yesterday at Matilda’s fourth birthday party. This is the cake that I slaved over, icing at 10pm on Saturday night instead of drooling over Rob Lowe in re-runs of The West Wing. This is the cake that was going to provide the wow factor to my little one’s dress-up fairy party, causing mums to ooh and aaah with my cleverness. Instead… Continue reading