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Smartphone connectivity: Whose rights? And who’s right?

Manners of mobile phonesI have an iPhone that is virtually growing out of my hand, such is my level of connectivity.  I’m contactable by email, text, Twitter, Facebook and of course, by an old fashioned phone call, 24-7. I like that level of connectivity. Not everyone does. I get annoyed when I call someone and they don’t pick up. Or I text and don’t get a swift response. But everyone has the right to be as connected or disconnected as they like. Except…

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Review: Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrushes (parents read!)

Philips Sonicare Electric ToothbrushElectric toothbrushes for kids. I’m no luddite, but I have never seen the need for an electric toothbrush. My regular old-fashioned brush does the job fine, thanks. And it doesn’t suck up electricity which, no matter how minute, is still costing me money, right? I rigidly cling to my manual brush, despite my parents and husband all urging me to join the modern era and go electric. SO… (read on if you’re a parent, especially if, like me, you’re a lazy parent)… Continue reading