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My favourite recipes, food tricks and tips.

Recipe: Healthy sausage rolls

Delicious healthy sausage rollsTHIS recipe for healthy sausage rolls is the easiest thing under the sun and it’s a great way to get any amount of vegetables you can think of into your kids. It’s based on the premise that kids will eat anything if it’s wrapped in pastry. Well, mine will. I made these sausage rolls for our sleepover recently and it was a huge hit. Give them a go and you’ll be amazed at how great they are and at how much the kids love them. And at how easy they are to make.

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There actually are ‘secrets’ to being a good baker!

My new goal - the perfect rainbow cake!Secrets to being a good baker. Top tips for perfect sponges. Handy hints for creative cupcakes. You can be a cake decorating dream! Whenever I read those words I think, “Sure, sure. It’s just practice, experience and time. Anyone can do it”. But that’s not exactly true. And on the other hand, it sort of is true. Allow me to explain…

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Move to whole foods in lunch box

Dinsoaur muffinsLast week I watched Foreign Correspondent’s Globesity documentary and it scared the sh*t out of me for children in poorer countries, such as Mexico, Latin America and India. And, as often happens, it renewed my determination to feed my kids the healthiest diet I can possibly muster. So starting this week I’m overhauling my lunchbox menu and re-focusing my energy. Here’s what I’m starting with.

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Recipe: My Nan’s Violet Crumble Ice Cream

My grandmother, Maureen, grandfather, Cliff, with Matilda and me in January 2012I’ve just come back from some time at my much beloved grandmother’s house in Kingston SE SA, also home to Larry the Big Lobster. One of my favourite things that Nan makes (of which there are many) is her Violet Crumble Ice Cream. It’s easy peasy and deeeeelish! I coaxed the recipe from her and am sharing its glory with the world so that you, too, may know how magical my Nan’s Violet Crumble Ice Cream is.  Continue reading