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Review: Smart Trike 4-in-1 Dream

Smart-Trike reviewSPONSORED POST: The Smart-Trike 4-in-1 Dream tricycle offers something that most bikes and trikes don’t – the ability to adapt to your growing toddler. This means, in the value for money stakes, it blows the competition out of the water. But what else does it have going for it? We road-tested it with a very busy toddler to see if it holds up to rigorous testing. Read our Smart-Trike review!

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To ban or not to ban toy guns – that is the question!

Should I ban toy guns in my home?FOLLOWING our discussion on ABC radio 612 Brisbane last week, (in case you missed it you can hear the podcast here) I’ve been giving some thought to Naomi from Seven Cherubs‘ position of banning certain things that you don’t want in your home. (She has banned toy guns).
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Gender anything but a neutral issue

Dance Academy (ABC3) fills Matilda's tutu needsA wonderful piece in The Australian Magazine this weekend, Raising Sasha, brought up some interesting points about gender stereotyping. A couple in Britain, and another in Canada, have tried the ultimate gender bias experiment – hiding the gender of their baby. But while their intentions were pure, were they condemning their child to a life of not fitting in, of being a little odd? When you deny a developing personality part of its identity – its gender – are you stunting part of its growth? Or liberating it to cross boundaries and explore all avenues?

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