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Oh, the fun of the sleepover! What happens on a sleepover?

TWO weekends, two sleepovers – and I have survived! Phew! That’s right, our school holidays have been punctuated by the weekend sleepover, or slumber party. The sleepover is a childhood right of passage and ahead of our hosting duties, I was nervous – would everything go smoothly? Would there be late night, teary phone calls begging to be picked up and taken away from this madhouse that the Moores call a home? Would the siblings fight and make it a miserable event for our guests? Would the guests hate our food, our shower, our toothpaste, our beds? I was a wreck! Were my kids ready? Were the kids who were coming ready? The questions were ceaseless. Continue reading

Christmas Day – Done and dusted

The glorious dollhouseWhew! And with a huge sigh of relief, much discarded wrapping paper, lots of batteries, alan keys and fiddly assembly, Christmas is concluded for another year. How was your big day? Ours was an unqualified success. The work that goes into Christmas day, all the preparation and planning, leaves me exhausted on Boxing Day. The Test cricket is a welcome relief as I lie comatose on the couch, punctuating the hours with random, sporadic bursts of tidying up (or blogging). Continue reading