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How to host a playdate for your children

Matilda (now 6 years old) on an early playdateTHE real title of this blog post is How to host a playdate for your children that doesn’t rely on television or video games. It’s the school holidays and whether your kids are at school or kindy, chances are good you’re entering prime time for playdates. If you’re new to playdates or an old hand, here are a couple of tips that will help the time move faster and ensure the kids have a great time.

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To ban or not to ban toy guns – that is the question!

Should I ban toy guns in my home?FOLLOWING our discussion on ABC radio 612 Brisbane last week, (in case you missed it you can hear the podcast here) I’ve been giving some thought to Naomi from Seven Cherubs‘ position of banning certain things that you don’t want in your home. (She has banned toy guns).
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Looking for the top 10 BEST kids’ movies of all time

Buzz and Woody changed kids' movies for goodLET me blow your mind. Ready? We are approaching the 20 year anniversary of Toy Story. Twenty years. Yup. Mind = blown, right?! Kids’ movies have improved vastly in the past 20 years, and there are lots more of them.  So there’s a rich vein to mine when choosing the top 10 best kids’ movies of all time. Be warned, though, I have a few controversial picks on my list. What are your absolute must-have kids’ movies that never fail on a rainy day when you fire up the VCR DVD player? Continue reading

New chapter, new me: life after redundancy

So, in case you didn’t know, in 2006, just after the birth of my middle child, I began working for Uncle Rupert. Or as many call him, Rupert Murdoch. From the moment I began my journalism degree, my vision was to one day work on a daily metro. For me, that represented success. And in 2006, about 10 years after I graduated, that goal was reached when I was hired as a sub-editor on The Courier-Mail. Today, I mark two days of unemployment, since being made redundant from that job.

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Sydney Swans team spirit bonds my family

I'm a Sydney Swans tragic through and throughI’ve been a Sydney Swans fan for more than a decade and like many sports fans, transitioning from a young single fan free to attend games or watch on TV, to a fan with family responsibilities and trying to juggle those family commitments around my love for the game, has been difficult. But when the sport is as family friendly as the AFL is, and the team is as special as the Sydney Swans are, well the effort is worth it. Continue reading

Why daytime soaps could be great again

Luke and Laura - king and queen of soap couplesA few weeks ago I threw myself back into the frothy world of daytime soaps. I’m a long time, on again, off again fan, a relationship that began in my early teens. I was a staunchly loyal viewer for a long time, loving with a passion the stories and the characters. But my love has been slowly strangled by the free-to-air chopping and changing of my favourite shows (General Hospital, DOOL, Y&R) so I’ve been away for a few years. But now I’m back! Continue reading

Trolls and other nasties living online

Don't feed the trolls!Charlotte Dawson has battled depression for years, according to last night’s 60 Minutes. And so when a vile Twitter campaign, hashtagged #dieCharlotte, launched she was ill equipped to deal with it. There have been two main reactions online to what has been reported as a suicide attempt resulting from online attacks. The first one points to a causal relationship between Dawson’s comments and the reaction she drew from trolls. The second is for everyone to quietly batten down the hatches and take a harder line on bad behaviour.

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Denver cinema Batman shooting illustrates newspapers’ problem

Denver Batman shooting illustrates newspapers' problemThe Denver, Colorado Batman shooting last night not only shocked and revolted the world as yet another horrific spree killing unfolded, but – as a side issue – perfectly illustrated the problem faced by newspapers in a digital world. How does old technology compete with the new?

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A West Wing moment, just because I can…

The West WingThis piece from The West Wing speaks to me on several levels. I find those who slavishly follow the bible, as though its every word is truth, bothersome. Lots of people do, I think. Like lots of others, I find those who cunningly misrepresent themselves also bothersome. That’s why this segment resonates with so many.  Continue reading