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Moore4mums.comGot a client who would love to showcase their product to mums, dads or kids?

 At I publish blog reviews and host giveaways that will put your product front and centre of this highly desirable audience. Mums talk to each other – lots! – and more mums than ever are sharing their opinions and support  online.  Get your product into that conversation with a giveaway on my popular, trusted site.

What it costs:

Due to the blog’s success I now charge a fee of $120/hr. My business as a web copywriter is growing and time taken away from that to review products for this blog represents lost earnings. If you would like a professionally written review, including links and images then get in touch. A review post generally takes about an hour to an hour-and-a-half.


Giveaways must have a prize value of at least $50.

It takes time to organise giveaways, and it takes considerable time, effort and thought to write interesting reviews that resonate with readers. What you’re getting is cut-through. I write in a way that engages readers and isn’t dismissed as “PR fluff”.

Delivery of prizes:

It is your responsibility to deliver prizes in a timely fashion. If you fail to do that it will reflect badly on me and my blog. It will also reflect badly on your name and your client’s brand. The way I hear about these things is Facebook, so when winners complain they haven’t received their prize yet, it’s in front of a large audience.

I will pass on winners’ email addresses for you to chase up delivery addresses. A condition of Freebie Friday is that you agree to delete winning email addresses after the prizes have been despatched.

What you get:

Your product will be showcased in front of thousands of readers. I will write an editorially independent review of the product as part of the giveaway (for this I’ll need a review copy of the giveaway, non-returnable). My opinions are not for sale.

The product review will also be featured on my Facebook page, and to my Twitter following. The review will also be pinned to my Pinterest board My posts also appear on LinkedIn. Additional coverage *may* include Instagram, where appropriate (at my discretion).

You will receive a written review by a journalist with 20 years’ experience, a couple of photos and a one or two links back to your own company website, along with a mention on my newsletter.

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