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Postscript on Belvita Breakfast biscuits

BelVita Breakfast biscuitsLast week I wrote about Belvita Breakfast biscuits being sent to me to trial and arriving crushed to smithereens. It was a post designed to be funny. In a classy move, the publicist responsible had three new boxes hand delivered – with a box of Roses chocolates! I think it was a nice gesture not to write off the review of one little blogger that, in the scheme of things, wouldn’t amount to a hill o’ beans. So thank-you lovely publicist (you know who you are), and here’s my review on Belvita Breakfast biscuits:

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PR peeps take note: what NOT to do when sending out BelVita Breakfast biscuits

Free sample FAIL - Nabisco's BelVita Breakfast biscuitsBloggers get sent tons of stuff. Some it’s good, nay, GREAT (such as the Philips AirFyer and Philips electric toothbrushes) and some of it is smaller, but still good stuff. Sometimes, however, you wonder what the PR officer was thinking when they sent it off. Like today’s sample of BelVita Breakfast biscuits…

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