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I am sorry for being rude and for hurting your feelings

I've cried a river over rude commentsTHIS week an email I sent made someone feel so badly they wanted to quit their job. The words I typed before I hit ‘send’ made them feel so badly about themselves, about their work that they wanted to stop doing it. When I think about that, even as I write this, the idea of it is so upsetting, so deeply saddening… well, it makes me cry.

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Bystanders should get involved to beat bullying

Courage to Care is a campaign to stop bullyingTHERE have been all kinds of reactions to the photos of Nigella Lawson with her husband allegedly squeezing her throat and choking her in a restaurant in London last week. A Twitter furor erupted that nobody at the restaurant intervened. Would you? Honestly? A campaign is now urging bystanders to get involved when you see a wrong being perpetrated. Continue reading

Playdates tackle bullying

Last Friday we had our first school friend over (complete with Mum and sibling) for a playdate. I invited them over because for the first few weeks of Fin’s Prep experience we only ever heard about Billy (not his real name) this and Billy that. Most lunchtimes were spent sitting next to Billy and I was even pestered to buy the same things for the lunchbox that Billy was bringing to school (namely, those squirty yoghurts, which I bought once and never again).

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Asked point blank, I lied. Was I wrong?

A very old school friend rang the other day for a catch-up and a bit of advice. We both have kids the same age and the eldest have commenced Prep this year, but in different schools, although both state schools. “There’s a bit of an issue that’s sprung up in Billy’s (not his real name) class and I don’t know what to do,” she said.

Review: Don’t Be A Bully, Billy

Don't be a bully, Billy!I’ve previously written about Books to Help Children Deal. A range of books from various publishers including Usborne that tackle topics such as death and bullying. At the weekend Pregnancy, Babies and Children Expo at South Bank I purchased a copy of “Don’t be a bully, Billy” with great anticipation. It’s a beautiful hardcover book with endearing pastel-shaded illustrations.

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Review: Life Strategies For Dealing With Bullies

Jay McGrawI’ve recently acquired a copy of Jay McGraw’s new book, “Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies”. (Remember Jay? He’s Dr Phil’s son and a self-made bullying expert). The book is filled with tons of useful advice.

“The first thing you have to do is get real about your situation. This is the first step to handling almost any challenge. In my book “Life Strategies for Teens” I talk about ‘Life Laws’ – ideas that are designed to help people live better. One of the first lessons in that book is what I told you at the start of this paragraph: Get real about it.”

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