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Freebie Friday! The Gutsy Challenge with Aussie Farmers Direct

Aussie Farmers DirectThe Gutsy Challenge is a health and education initiative from the GI Cancer Institute designed to get kids eating at least 2 fruit and 4 veg every day for a week, to help reverse rising incidences of gastrointestinal cancer. And you could win an Aussie Farmers Direct box of fruit and veg valued at $26, just by entering a really simple competition! Too easy …

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The Lazy Lunchbox – 5 top tips (that are also healthy!)

Healthy tips for the lazy lunchboxSchool’s been back for a few weeks now and mums are settling into the regular routine of lunchboxes. I’ve discovered something that most mums already know – if you make lunches the night before, even if it’s just part of it – your mornings go a LOT smoother. But most nights it’s all I can do to wipe benches down, so …

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Nutritious kids’ snacks

One of my pet projects is finding convenient snack foods for my kids that I can stuff in the nappy bag and have ready in case of a hunger emergency. My kids eat plenty of fruit but I like to have something in the style of a muesli bar that is handy for when we’re either in the car stuck in traffic and the kids are getting impatient, or if we’re out somewhere and they’re in danger of missing a meal or a snack, I can pull out these snacks and keep them happy for a bit longer. Continue reading