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Oh, the fun of the sleepover! What happens on a sleepover?

TWO weekends, two sleepovers – and I have survived! Phew! That’s right, our school holidays have been punctuated by the weekend sleepover, or slumber party. The sleepover is a childhood right of passage and ahead of our hosting duties, I was nervous – would everything go smoothly? Would there be late night, teary phone calls begging to be picked up and taken away from this madhouse that the Moores call a home? Would the siblings fight and make it a miserable event for our guests? Would the guests hate our food, our shower, our toothpaste, our beds? I was a wreck! Were my kids ready? Were the kids who were coming ready? The questions were ceaseless. Continue reading

How I added fish and omega 3 into my children’s diet

Smoked salmon, cream cheese and basil on a crispy cruskitOur family is on a misson to eat more fish, chasing the omega 3 oil it contains, which is thought to improve health and child development. Adding more fish to our diet also achieves another goal – cutting back on red meat meals. (A sponsored post for the Heart Foundation and Nature’s Own)

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Freebie Friday! The Gutsy Challenge with Aussie Farmers Direct

Aussie Farmers DirectThe Gutsy Challenge is a health and education initiative from the GI Cancer Institute designed to get kids eating at least 2 fruit and 4 veg every day for a week, to help reverse rising incidences of gastrointestinal cancer. And you could win an Aussie Farmers Direct box of fruit and veg valued at $26, just by entering a really simple competition! Too easy …

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Overdue Freebie Friday winners!

Bakers Delight vouchersAnnouncing the winners of the THREE Bakers Delight vouchers, valued at $10 each. Sorry I’m so late, people – no excuse, have just been slack! Thanks again to the wonderful people at Bakers Delight. ┬áSo, let’s get down to business. The three lucky newsletter subscribers who will be eating fresh, delicious and healthy bread from Bakers Delight are…

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The Lazy Lunchbox – 5 top tips (that are also healthy!)

Healthy tips for the lazy lunchboxSchool’s been back for a few weeks now and mums are settling into the regular routine of lunchboxes. I’ve discovered something that most mums already know – if you make lunches the night before, even if it’s just part of it – your mornings go a LOT smoother. But most nights it’s all I can do to wipe benches down, so …

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