Toilet Training Success!


Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Are We Ready? Spot The Signs
Chapter 2: What if there are no signs?
Chapter 3: How early is too early?
Chapter 4: Getting ready: what you’ll need
Chapter 5: Let’s go! The Boot Camp Method
Chapter 6: It’s not working! Help!
Chapter 7: It’s working! Now what?
Chapter 8: My child is regressing – help!
Chapter 9: I think I’ve succeeded. Have I?
Chapter 10: What the others say
Chapter 11: Summary


When I started toilet training my son I was unsure where to begin so I read a few books and talked to other mothers. I tried to train him using all kinds of methods and spent weeks mopping up wee and cleaning up pooey accidents. I finally gave up and created my own six-step method that worked in three days. I used this same boot camp style of toilet training on my other two children and it worked beautifully, with minor adjustments for their different personality types.

I’m just a mum who came up with her own toilet training method. If you’ve tried other ways and it hasn’t worked, maybe this will work for you too. If you haven’t started yet and are wondering where to begin, this might be the starting point you’re looking for.

I’m a great believer in parental commitment being the key to success. I didn’t love the sticker system or reward charts or any of the other ways I had tried. But this boot camp style of toilet training works for me because I ‘get it’ and I love it. My kids seemed to respond to my commitment to the cause and were far more easily persuaded that this was the way of the future.

With this method I didn’t feel like I was trying to bribe them or trick them into going to the toilet. It was a simple, consistent and repetitive message to gently guide my kids into using the toilet or the potty. They got it in three days and maybe yours will too!

1 comment for “Toilet Training Success!

  1. jennifer
    December 4, 2013 at 2:16 am

    I love the last sign….
    I think you’ve done a beaut job with this. I particularly appreciate your reminders that what suits one child or family may not suit another, and that it is important to stay relaxed and not traumatise yourself or your child.
    I heard of EC when my first was about 11 weeks old, and we were about to go away for a weekend with a group of people we didn’t know. I asked my very sensible sister whether it was cloud cuckoo material or not. She then confessed that she had started a few months earlier when her daughter was 6 months old. What had happened was that she told our mum that M always did a poo when she was put in the high chair for lunch, and mum just said “Well why don’t you put her on the potty?”
    We took a potty with us on that trip, and caught lots of wees and poos, and were hooked. We did make mistakes, sometimes expecting too much of ourselves or our baby, but it really ended up seeming the most respectful and practical way to manage that stuff. We were never full-time, and mostly used nappies as well, but it was a big part of our early parenting. By the time his sister came along we were comfortable doing it with her from the start, even in the special care nursery.
    EC is a two way thing. As well as the baby responding to the carer’s prompts, there’s a lot of noticing their particular wriggles and sounds, and just giving them the opportunity not to get poo all over their bottoms.
    I would love for EC knowledge to be available for everybody, so I am grateful for your gently suggesting it as worth looking at.

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