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Felicity MooreI’m Felicity Moore, a mother of three, a wife to one, a sister, a daughter, a journalist, a (very) amateur cook and a bitch pretty unpleasant person in the morning before my coffee.

I’m also a blogger.

My very first blog was posted when my daughter was just three weeks old on December 3, 2007, back when I was blogging for The Courier-Mail.

The thing I love most about blogging is finding out I’m not alone on the motherhood trail. Sometimes it feels as though I am. I love when people comment and share their own experience. Even if it’s just to say, ‘Hey, me too!’. It’s that connectedness that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. It’s nice.

Even though I live in Brisbane I barrack for the Sydney Swans.I was lucky enough to still be a member in 2005 and I got to go to the grand final and see my team win the flag. My kids and my husband go for the Brisbane Lions.

I try to provide healthy food for my kids but I’m no gourmet cook. Hubby is and he cooks most of the meals in our home. They are delicious and healthy. Together we work very hard to limit the kids’ screen time to reasonable levels. I read bedtime stories to the kids most nights.

I’m a freelance journalist, aspiring bestselling novelist and persistent dieter.

Contact me:

Post: PO Box 2544, Chermside Centre Post Office, Chermside, Queensland, 4032

M: +61 408 020 428
Twitter: @felicitymoore
Facebook: Felicity Moore

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