Have you heard about Mummy’s Wish?

Mummy's Wish helps families battling cancerA CANCER diagnosis can flatten a whole family, especially when it’s mum who is sick. Mums do so much that when something goes seriously wrong, the wheels can fall off for a while. If you’re lucky, you have a close-knit community around you and extended family who will be able to support you with getting kids to school, lunches made, household chores done. But not everyone does, or often family and friends can only do so much, and that’s when Mummy’s Wish steps in to the breach.

Mummy’s Wish was brought to my attention by a lovely mum whose daughter is in my daughter’s class at school and I was immediately blown away by the work they do.

Mummy’s Wish is a charitable organisation doing some incredible work and the help they offer to mothers is almost immeasurable. Financial help (not means tested!), practical help, and best of all – immediate help!

“We help with housecleaning, financial assistance, memory making for terminal
mums, nutritious family meal provision, childcare, and we offer free hire of iPads during hospital stays for Skype sessions with family so Mum can remain involved and hear at mealtime about life on the playground,” CEO Serena Beirne said.

“We offer hospital parking-fee assistance, a shoulder to lean on, advice on how to share news of a terminal diagnosis with young children and so much more.

“We also provide each young child with our signature (talking) comfort bear so littlies can continue to hear Mum’s voice and grab a cuddle when she is separated from the family during treatment, or worse, if she doesn’t win her battle with the disease.”

Mummy’s Wish probably hasn’t popped up on your radar, because it’s a young organisation, but last year they helped 250 Queensland mothers cope with their cancer battle. That’s 250 families they helped keep on track during a difficult and stressful time, easing mum’s stress levels so she can focus on getting well.

Please consider making a donation to help this wonderful group continue its awesome work. Just $40 will get two children a talking bear that can comfort them while their mothers battle cancer. Or, for $40 your child can have one of these gorgeous bears, and a child in need can have the other. Perfect for a Christmas gift!

I’ve seen a couple of mums this year battle cancer and I know first-hand how important that help can be. We live in a time where families are scattered all around the world and it’s not easy to build a community around you. Mummy’s Wish is desperately needed in these fractured times.

Please help.

2 comments for “Have you heard about Mummy’s Wish?

  1. November 21, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. What a wonderful idea. I remember as a child my mother being bedridden for 3 months with Glandular Fever (after it taking 6 months to diagnose why she was always worn out, it wasn’t well known then). And I remember the Home Help who came in everyday to keep the house running (provided by Community Health in our area of Victoria, this was the ’70s) – we couldn’t have managed without her.
    I’m going to talk to the boys about donating $40 as their Christmas charity gift this year.

  2. November 23, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    I’ve been to a number of fundraising functions for Mummy’s Wish. It’s such a worthwhile cause. As a Mum who had to be separated from her younger children by the serious illness of an older child, I know how much the kids are affected. Great post, Felicity.

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