Pensioner parenting – right or wrong?

It is almost impossible to believe that a woman in Victoria has given birth at 54. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, even though it’s medically possible, the physical limitations of your body at 50 years old are natural barriers to effectively parenting young children.
I’m 34 and am exhausted at the end of a busy day running around after my three kids (all still under 3 years of age). Is it selfish to parent when you’re a pensioner?

The maths is pretty compelling, at least for me. When the child is 10, Mum will be 64 and when entering the troublesome and terrifying teen years, Mum will be approaching 70 years of age. This is an age when curling up with a Horlicks and a good British period drama on telly is much more appealing than traipsing around the countryside to school concerts, dance recitals and swimming carnivals.

Does the child deserve to have parents who will not only be around as he or she goes through the difficult years of adolescence and young adulthood but what about the future grandchildren? They’ll be robbed of grandparents, almost guaranteed.

Is this a trivial worry? Does the mother have rights too that supercede her child’s?

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