Review: Baker’s Delight Fresh Pizza Bases

Baker's Delight fresh pizza basesSPONSORED POST: About a year ago I went through a stage where I was making my own pizza bases. I meant to blog about it, but I didn’t get around to it. The liberating freedom of being able to make my own pizza bases was thrilling. It was so easy!! And it was a simple matter of…

… mixing flour, water, a bit of oil, a pinch of sugar and a sachet of yeast together, et voila! Pizza dough!

In mastering this new “uber-housewife” kitchen trick (if it’s homemade it makes me a SUPER mother and housewife!) I subjected the family to a LOT of pizzas. Pretty soon they got sick of my smug kitchen goddess/diva ways and refused to eat pizza.

As a result we haven’t had pizza for quite a while at Chez Moore.

Why we returned to pizza

Bakers Delight fresh pizza basesThe wonderful thing that everyone knows about pizza is how easy it is. You pile some stuff onto it, usually any old thing you’ve got in the fridge, cover it with grated cheese and you’re done. But even with all the ease surrounding pizza for dinner, we stopped having it. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to make it, but the kids didn’t want to eat it. Neither did hubby. In the end, I had to admit, my homemade bases weren’t getting the job done. Really, we needed something to jazz up the pizza option and get the kids interested again.

So when Baker’s Delight sent me their new range of fresh pizza bases to try, I was actually pretty bloody pleased. A way to get the kids back into the pizza-devouring business!

Bases ain’t bases

A little while ago, my Dad gave us an electric pizza oven. It’s great because it has a stone in the bottom and the element in it gets the stone really, really hot. But it wasn’t so great with the homemade bases that I was making because it was impossible to get the floppy dough base onto the stone with all the toppings on it. You had to put the rolled-out base on the stone and *then* top it. This made production a little bit slower. The electric oven works much better with par-baked bases. But many of the commercial bases dry out or aren’t very flavour-packed. And the range isn’t actually that big, for pizza bases that you can top yourself.

Putting the base to the test

Bakers Delight fresh pizza bases underneath one of my delicious pizzasWe tried the Baker’s Delight fresh pizza bases and even skeptical ol’ me was impressed.

When you get a really good quality base, made fresh, without any preservatives, you can taste the difference. The pizza bases we were given also had garlic and herbs sprinkled on top and they added to the flavour.

I loaded up our Baker’s Delight fresh pizza bases with the toppings and put the first one in the pizza oven – a few minutes later the entire house smelled like a bakery. The delicious smell of baking bread wafted through every room in the house and really got the digestive juices flowing!

The verdict

Matilda isn't shy about digging in to her pizzaI loved the additional flavour, that you don’t get in some of the other par-baked bases on the market. I also loved the smell that filled the house as the bases finished their baking in the pizza oven.  I loved the taste and the texture of the pizzas with the new bases, but I confess I love almost all pizza. The true test was whether the kids liked them or not.

They ate everything in sight, which is not uncommon when I serve pizza. But the accolade came when, just as he finished his last piece, and was wiping his mouth, DJ asked, “Can we have *this* pizza again tomorrow night?”.

From my middle child, who was the first to begin resisting pizza for dinner when I flooded the market, this was high praise indeed.

Healthy mention

I would like to point out that these bases do not contain any preservatives. This is a big selling point for me. I worry about the preservatives that our food has today and how much I’m giving to my kids. Where I can, I try to limit that. I also try to cut down on artificial colour and flavour – these fresh pizza bases have no artificial colours or flavours. And finally, Baker’s Delight bake all their breads (and pizza bases) on site that day. Can’t get much fresher than that.


I would like to explain that when I write SPONSORED POST at the top of a post, I simply mean I was given the product free to try. I haven’t ever been paid to review a product and I don’t anticipate ever charging to review a product.

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