REVIEW: Kez’s Kitchen expands gluten free range

Kez's KitchenSPONSORED POST: Gluten-free products aren’t only for the wheat intolerant consumers among us. I know a growing number of people who have no dietary issues and are are enjoying these products. Partly this is due to GF products becoming more available and partly because they are getting even tastier! Introducing Kez’s Free range of GF biscuits from Kez’s Kitchen.

If, like me, you love a biscuity treat every now and then, well, you’re probably already intimately familiar with Kez’s Kitchen. If, UNlike me, you fly Qantas a lot, you’ve probably seen Kez’s Kitchen bikkies on your FREE inflight meal tray. (Those of us slumming it Jetstar get no such tasty treats).

Well, the family behind Kez’s Kitchen have expanded their GF range and the best bit is that these products are available in Coles and Woolies – yay!

“Being gluten intolerant, I established the Kez’s Free range, because I couldn’t find premium, tasty biscuits and cereals that were gluten free,” said Michael Carp, owner and managing director of Kez’s Kitchen, who joined his mother and sister to run the family business in 1994.

“While cereal based, these snacks and bites aren’t strictly a breakfast food. When our cereal first launched in Coles last year, we were flooded with emails from customers who enjoyed it so much, they would eat it throughout the day – we knew then that the snack range had to become a reality.”

Taking inspiration from their popular Florentine cookie, Kez’s Kitchen’s new Gluten-free Florentine Bars come in delicious roasted peanut and apricot, and roasted almond and cranberry flavours, both of which are expected to quickly become a favourite snack in the health aisle.

And for those with IBS and following the FODMAP diet, great news – two of these new products are low in fructose and certified FODMAP friendly!

The availability makes these a great and easy snack to have on hand for those times when you’re waiting at the school gate and you’ve got the tummy rumbles and just want something quick to snack on while you wait.

The GF range now includes:

  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal with Fruit 300g $9.79
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal Low in Fructose FODMAP friendly 300g $9.79
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal Original 300g $9.79
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Dairy & Cholesterol Free Melting Moments 190g $6.95
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Almond Toffee 130g $6.95
  • Kez’s Free Gluten Free Almond Florentine 180g $6.95

For the complete list, visit the company website:

1 comment for “REVIEW: Kez’s Kitchen expands gluten free range

  1. Val Hammat
    March 2, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    Being Gluten Intolerant, I find it hard when I go for a coffee. Fortunately Michelle’s carry your White Chocolate & Cranberry biscuit which I must say is delicious.

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